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Venetian blinds

Fitting façades with external venetian blinds is a highly practical way of blocking out the sun and effectively protecting interiors from overheating while providing comfortable optical conditions Regulatable slats are typical feature of these products, giving users the freedom to select the angle and degree of shading which works best for them. At the same time, the aesthetic profile of the slats and the aluminium structural elements in the form of the headbox and guides, give façades a contemporary, original look. Well-designed, well-made structures of this kind also make it possible to create large-scale constructions, so they are very often used for extensive glazing. As a result, external venetian blinds have been employed to excellent effect in public buildings and residential developments alike.

The ALUPROF range offers a system in four variants of venetian blinds: front-mounted (SZF/A), self-supporting (SZF/S) and two under plaster (SZF/P and SZF/BX).