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Installing mosquito nets with the method for tensioning the spring.

Installation of mosquito nets is not dependent on the type of system, but it is common to all types of shutter boxes. The installation of the mosquito net in the shutter box goes smoothly and quickly.

Installation should begin with placement of the tension band wound onto in the tube of mosquito netting, in a way so that the part which is used for tightening is loose. Any device with a diameter of up to 2 mm, the rivet for example, should be placed in the hole located in the band tension to connect the bearing with the bracket, on which the spring is wound. Then, stretch the spring by rotating the entire mechanism clockwise. The number of winding turns depends on the width and height of the blind.

Moskitiera montaż 1

When the spring is stretched as required, insert the entire tightening mechanism into the mosquito net reel. The elements should be attached to each other. Without removing the tightening mechanism, the mosquito net is now ready to be mounted on the side of the box. After the installation and removal of the device, the mosquito net is tentatively reeled and can be used.

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