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Window Coverings – No More Overheating

There's no place like home – to ensure this is factual we have to wonder whether we are always feel fully comfortable in our homes. Hot summer or cold winter evenings can cause the temperature inside the building to become a nuisance. In order to protect ourselves from these annoying conditions, we should use appropriate insulation and protection materials. Window coverings can prove to be invaluable in the fight against excessive heating or cooling of interior spaces. 

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Nowadays, window insulation issue becomes an increasingly hot topic in the context of residential building. The reason is that through windows we can lose up to ¼ of the energy used for heating. However, in winter, those are not only windows that are an important factor that affects the atmosphere in the building. During the summer, direct sunlight brings excessive heat inside, thus creating unfavourable conditions for residents. The solution to these problems are window roller shutters, shades or shutters, which will not only help in the fight for better conditions inside the building, but will also provide a new pleasant appearance to our home.

External roller shutters

External roller shutters fulfil several important functions to help create an optimal climate regardless of the season. Firstly, they cover the windows, so that even those who show too much curiosity about our lives will not be able to disturb our tranquillity and privacy. Secondly, a roller shutter will reduce the amount of sunlight entering to the building. This is particularly important in the summer and early autumn, when temperatures are above 20°C. This way, we limit the energy consumption, which we would need to cool interior spaces using fans or air conditioning. Closed shutters also fulfil another function – they minimize the noise coming from outside, thus providing us a restful night's sleep. What’s more, roller shutters can be a deterrent against potential burglary. This will provide us peace of mind when we are out of the house as well as during longer absences (trips, holidays). 

Let’s not forget about the aesthetic function of roller shutters, as they provide an attractive finish to our façade. In order to buy a right product, we need to take the time to figure out which products are offered by the manufacturers. Depending on the preferences, roller shutters can be mounted in several different ways, i.e. using flushed-mounted front-mounted, lintel or top-mounted systems. Flush-mounted roller shutters are integrated into the façade of the building. The design of the roller box is both a primer for any façade material, so it becomes an invisible part of the façade. In contrast, thanks to the front-mounted system, the roller-box becomes a decorative detail that matches the appearance of the building. This solution is intended in particular for existing buildings. 

The last solution is the use of roller shutters in the top-mounted system that allows to mount the roller-box “unintegrated” or with partial or full integration. Its clever design allows to fabricate a single roller shutter, as well as a set of rollers shutters in only one box.

Curtain design is equally important to the overall appearance of the roller shutter. Currently, manufacturers of roller shutter systems offer a wide range of profiles in a wide variety of colours. Roller shutters’ curtain has the greatest impact on its appearance and, consequently, on the appearance of the façade of our home. It should be remembered that the roller shutter, when used, will have to be resistant to weathering. Most profiles have a paint coating so that the colour is very resistant to abrasion and fading. This helps us to highlight the individual character of our home, and that’s why Aluprof offers a wide range of colours – says Bożena Ryszka, Head of Marketing and PR at ALUPROF S.A.

With large glazing, we can use façade shutters systems through which we limit the flow of sunlight into the building, while keeping the natural light in the room. Due to their properties, roller shutters are not only a decorative and functional element, but can also help to save energy, which in turn will reduce energy bills. This solution is designed for large office buildings, but can also be used in modern single-family buildings. They will bring to our homes their unique look and will distinguish itself from the other buildings by their contemporary implementation.

Shutters crown the façade

Shutters are yet another type of window coverings that give to the building its unique character. They are usually suitable for buildings of a traditional shape, emphasizing their classic architecture, but some shutters harmonize with modern forms of the building. They can be made of wood, PVC or aluminium. Both wooden and PVC shutters are less resistant to weathering than the shutters made of aluminium. Being lightweight, shutters can also be used for patio doors. 

Aluprof’s shutters are an option for those who look for practical yet aesthetic solutions. The shutters can be colour-matched with the external wall or with the windows or used simply as a remarkable accent on the wall. Given the ample possibilities offered by aluminium, the MB-SUNSHADES are perfect for use in various types of construction. Traditional buildings will successfully use timber-like-texture structures, whereas in modern homes, a colour combination of a structure with muted colours, identical to those of the windows, may be especially impressive. If we’re looking for an outstanding effect, we should think of a combination of windows and doors – both made of aluminium – adds Bożena Ryszka from ALUPROF S.A.

Atmosphere in our homes is dependent on many factors – sometimes a detail can bring significant benefits. Window coverings are such an element which, in addition to a number of functional benefits such as cover from the sun or from the escaping energy, is also an attractive finishing detail of our windows and façades.