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Mounting retainer springs on asymmetric rings PWA 70

PWA 70 Asymmetric ring used with aluminium retainer spring WA 70 and security spring WB, designed for reel SW 70 and PA 77 and PER 77 profiles.

The set includes:

• adapting ring (1 pcs)

• control plate (1 pcs)

• galvanized screw M5 x 14 (1 pcs)

• self-adhesive pad 40mm x 360mm (1 pcs)

WA 70 Aluminium retainer spring used with profiles: PA 77 and PER 77, ring PWA 70 and reel SW 70.

PWA 70 a

Note: For garage doors BGR with the use of SW 7012 reel and PA 77 and PER 77 profiles, it is mandatory to use asymmetric rings PWA 70 with WA 70 retainer springs or security springs WB. Therefore, configurations SW 7012 + PZ/78 and SW 7012 + PW/70 for profile PA 77 no longer apply.


Place the screw included in the set and the control plate in the ring PWA 70 [1] and then screw together. In the next step stick the self-adhesive pad on the ring [2]. Make incision in the pad to create the hole for the Allen key [3] in the place of existing hole.

Note: It is possible to apply an additional or alternative screw 3.9 x 16 mm (detail A [1]).

Rys 1

Installation of retainer spring WA 70 on the reel PWA 70

Slide the folded ring (PWA 70) on the reel (SW 7012), and then tighten with the Allen key (size 4 mm) [4]. Slide he plate included in the set with the retainer spring (WA 70) into the specially prepared hole in the ring [5]. After proper alignment of the retainer spring [6] screw all parts together [7].

Rys 2

Installation of security spring WB on the PWA 70 ring

Slide two folded rings (PWA 70) on the reel (SW 7012) [9,10], and then adjust the security spring (WB) using the appropriate holes in the ring.

Rys 3a

Slide the rings (PWA 70) to the security spring (WB), then screw the whole to the reel (SW 7012) [11].

Rys 4

PWA 70 b