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SkyFlow SZF/BX - venetian blinds in under plaster variant

The venetian blind in the BX under plaster version was designed mainly for easy and quick installation in newly built buildings. Due to the installation method, it is therefore worthwhile to consider the possibility of using this type of solution already at the design stage of the building. The cover box is a ready-made element and is made of bent aluminium sheet. It can be fitted with a plaster foundation on both sides. The rear plaster foundation allows for 2cm of lintel insulation. The front one, on the other hand, enables plasterwork to be carried out using any finishing material. The system has dedicated guide channels to facilitate on plaster mounting in two sizes.

There are two types of slats "C" and "Z" made of profiled aluminium available in the offer. The former are turned inwards on both sides, which guarantees rigidity and wind resistance. In addition, they have a rotation range of 0-180 degrees. The Z-shaped slats, on the other hand, provide more complete shading due to their design and are additionally equipped with a special soundproofing seal. they have a rotation range of 0-90 degrees.

There are two types of pins available: steel (durable and long-lasting) and PVC (minimises wind noise). Maximum dimensions: 4500 x 4000 mm (max. surface 18 m²).