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Aluprof SA offers a full range of accessories necessary for the fabrication of roller shutters and garage doors. Flexible solutions and ease of use are the watchwords which became our motto in designing roller shutter drives. That's why we give you the opportunity to choose the method of opening and closing your solar shading devices and garage doors that best suits your needs. Depending on the users’ preferences, roller shutters can be controlled manually or by an electric drive via a wall-mounted transmitter or remote control. Smart control via computer, tablet or smartphone is also an option.




1. Manual control – the most popular solution so far, and, as it would seem, most economical one. It requires, however, much greater effort to operate roller shutters. This is especially true when we have numerous roller shutters or they are of large dimensions.

Our offering comprises the following manual drives: 

- coilers (cord/strip),
- boxes with crank gear (cord or strip),

• cranks,
• springs.

Hand retractors are most commonly used to operate typical roller shutters, of a relatively small size. 

2. Electric control (electric drive) – electric drives are by far much more comfortable are they are becoming more affordable. You can raise and lower the curtain using an electric actuator. These provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters. We can use several control systems:


• central control - all your rollers shutters are operated from one place

• individual control - one place per roller shutter. 


The state-of-the-art technology allows you to use the control timer that will automatically raise and lower the roller shutter’s curtain at a preset time.

In addition, giving you the choice between radio- or wired control, we offer you fully flexible solutions:

radio control (wireless) - requires no additional wiring, so your walls will stay intact; this solution can be used anywhere at your home. Commands relating to lowering, raising or stopping the roller shutter are transmitted to the actuator via the remote control or wall transmitter. This type of control gives you unlimited configuration possibilities. 

wired control - roller shutter can be operated using a rocker switch, key-operated switch or rotary switch (switches can be with or without support). Control systems enable you to configure multiple individual solutions.

Electric actuators are part of smart control, and provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters.

• smart control – using the Zenpro SmartControl panel makes the controlling of your roller shutters easy and convenient. The motor control panel enables you to control your roller shutters from virtually anywhere. To do so, you just need a tablet or a smartphone. Zenpro SmartControl allows you to create and manage groups of devices such as roller shutters, gates, exterior venetian blinds, awnings, and to create time events and scenarios. Our free application comes with a modern interface and is extremely user friendly.