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Roller shutters


External roller shutters are a practical system that protects us in three ways: through a perfect insulation, the protection of our privacy and the peace of mind while providing an effective “anti-burglar barrier”.

Aluprof roller shutters are made from carefully selected materials to ensure the highest quality of the product. Whether in flush, top-mounted or adaptive system, roller shutters are designed to improve the building energy use. Roller shutters can greatly help reduce heating costs in winter while in summer, when the sun shines and the outside temperature rises, they provide a pleasant sensation of coolness, giving rest to the tired eyes at twilight.

In addition, thanks to the intelligent design and carefully selected materials, roller shutters provide effective protection against intruders. Thanks to the rollers shutters, the house becomes a place where we feel comfortable, safe, and to which it is a pleasure to return after a taught day knowing it will offer us peace of mind and shelter.

But the most important advantage is that Aluprof it is the first Polish system manufacturer, which offers a RC3 certified burglar-resistant system, which was confirmed by tests carried out in an accredited laboratory in accordance with PN-EN 1627:2011. Thanks to the roller shutter system, we can be sure that our home is safe, especially during the time of our absence – while on holiday or on winter vacation.