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Roler Shutters: Avoiding Installation Errors

In winter, potential investors make decisions on building refurbishment that will take place in the spring. Among minor changes that can improve functionality of our home and increase security of your family, you may want to consider to install roller shutters.

There are a number of factors that determine the correct functioning of roller shutters. This depends largely on their proper installation. To do this, however, it is necessary to determine, as early as at the measurement stage, the size of our roller shutters, this includes choosing the right roller shutter system. Each system has its own way of determining the size of the roller shutter, for this we should know the dimensions of the recess, or the dimensions of the window frame.

Another factor contributing to the correct functioning of the roller shutter is its fabrication according to the technology of the system producer, and using components indicated by the latter. A non-systemic approach may result in inconsistency of details and as a result, frequent breakdowns and corrective maintenance. The lack of completeness of all the elements is also unacceptable. 

Among the common problems resulting from the preparation of components are usually wrong or careless manner of their fabrication, often using inappropriate tools and equipment. This affects the good appearance of our roller shutters, as well as their smooth operation.

During the installation of the roller shutter directly to the base, the channels must be kept in a vertical position, the same applies to the level (horizontal position) of the box, and the installation itself must be carried out in accordance with good building practices, and only by a trained team of specialists.

Let's have a look at a few practical tips – a step by step installation. Before the installation, make sure that the product is in conformity with the order and is not damaged in any way. We should also check the conditions in which we will be working. Please remember to adapt the installation method depending on the nature of the surface, which needs to have a sufficient strength. We should not screw the product directly to the insulating layer. If the base is suitable for installation, we can get started. 

The first thing is to check the dimensions of the opening and to drill the hole for tape or cord (manual drive) or electric cable (electric drive). Then the shutter is applied to the base, and the channel is set vertically and screwed, this also applies to the box, which should be set horizontally and then screwed to the base. It is unacceptable to leave the roller shutter with a loose box or to screw the latter to the channels only. 

When installing a motorized roller shutter, we should also adjust the end stops of the curtain, and the power cord should be conducted in accordance with electrical wiring’s plan.

After making the appropriate steps, it is important to check the correct execution of all connections and perform a functional test. Once we’re done with the installation, the final step is to train future users in the proper use of the roller shutter. In addition, we provide them with instructions for use and maintenance, warranty, and ensure they sign the “act of acceptance”.

Let’s keep in mind that, if installed badly, even the best roller shutters will not work correctly, and the lack of maintenance and periodic cleaning will significantly accelerate the deterioration of their components.

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