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Aluprof Opole produces roller profiles using modern and fully automated DREISTERN and DALLAN production lines that provide high performance and repeatability of shapes. The profiles are produced in the process of roll forming. Depending on the equipment used, it is possible to produce seven types (sizes) of profiles. Producing roller-boxes, which consists of profiling sheet edges and giving desired shape to both components of the roller-box, is carried out in two stages. Both processes are performed automatically and controlled by computer. 

Aluprof SA offers roller-boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes that meet the highest requirements of our Customers.

produkcja opole _MG_8809 _MG_8789 _MG_8836 


Both Aluprof’s manufacturing plants have a modern powder paint shop with highly performant, fully automated lines, equipped with Fast Color Change Powder Booth Systems. Thanks to its additional manual powder coating line, the company can quickly adapt to Customer requirements, depending on the size and the date of the order.

The company focuses on environmentally friendly solutions, using non-toxic formulations and applying chromium-free aluminium treatment process. “Sandwich” type booth, power supply and powder recovery system allows an effective use of paint and quick colour changes.

The whole painting process is controlled by the computer, which ensures stability and reproducibility of the coating parameters, including coating thickness. Effectiveness of monitoring of the coating parameters is confirmed by Qualicoat and IGP certificates.

Our offer includes:

  • all types of powder coatings RAL, NCS colour charts, ATEC system & paints with extended warranty,
  • DECORAL wood-like surfaces,
  • painting metal sheets 1250 X 3000mm,
  • two-layer system (primer+paint) recommended in “basin, maritime” environment and pre-anode + paint.

Aluprof powder paint shop performance amounts to 3,8 M m2 per year.

Maximum dimensions: L=7200mm; H=500mm, which, for Opole manufacturing plant, is respectively: L=1800mm; H=400mm; weight of suspended material up to 300kg.

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