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MPH HARMONY VERTI pleated insect screen

The pleated insect screen system MPH HARMONY VERTI complements the offer of pleated insect screens and was designed primarily for installation on windows and roof windows. The use of special pleated mesh, which when closing arranges in a zigzag pattern and hides in the upper profile is a characteristic feature of this product. The main advantage of the new system is the possibility of tensioning each of the cords guiding the insect screen net, which allows for its precise and even layout. It is available in several sizes, so called sets, which, depending on the needs, can be cut symmetrically, thus adjusting the pleats to the size of the window. Closing and opening of the insect screen is very easy and smooth, thanks to the system of springs installed in the bottom profile. The tensioning elements have been aesthetically hidden under a special masking profile, which can be detached and clipped in at any time. The sliding profile of the insect screen, thanks to the designed recess, allows for convenient opening and closing. It is also possible to stop the insect screen at any time. The construction of the insect screen is made of extruded aluminium guaranteeing its durability, and is based to a large extent on components of the MPH HARMONY system. Maximum size of the new insect screen is 2300 x 2000 mm.