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MZH Roll-up insect screen

The system MZH for roll-up insect screen is a modern and fully functional solution designed primarily for installation on roof windows.

The construction is made of extruded aluminium and is mainly based on components of the system MZN. This solution enabled to use i.a. an end slat  slat and guide channels that perfectly match a specially designed hook-in connection. With this innovative solution, it is now possible to block the end slat on the roof windows from the inside. In addition, the carefully formed hook shape enables to efficiently click-in and click-out the bottom strip, which makes the use of this insect screen straightforward and simple. What’s more, the hook-in connection provides additional sealing to the bottom part of the insect screen, so there’s no need for additional gaskets. Extremely versatile, MZH is also well suited for mounting on vertical windows. With the use of specially designed guide channels with offset,

MZH-based insect screen can also be mounted on windows with outer sill that usually prevents the standard, direct installation to the window frame. This solution improves the access to the bottom strip and facilitates the fastening of the hook. MZH is a highly aesthetic solution that will fit will in any interior whilst providing the perfect protection against the insects.