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To implement the company's strategy is to rely on the commitment of all the Employees in the areas that define their duties and responsibilities. Employees, through their attitude, affect the quality of the tasks entrusted, also within the team they are part of, and this has a significant impact on the Company's results of operations.


- We are the leader in the industry
- Organization and staff development is our key to success
- We offer a fulfilling job in a thriving Polish company that operates worldwide


ALUPROF employs ambitious, creative people that are open to change, that are persistent and goal-oriented, motivated and effective, people who identify themselves with our organisation, and are committed to the company. Professional competences are very important, but not necessarily decisive. Due to our international operations, one of the key competencies of a job applicant is his/her fluency in foreign languages. The foreign language-skilled candidates are always welcome in our Organization.

If you are interested in working at ALUPROF SA, please send your application to:

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