The best place for roller shutters

Installation of cap OBS 40 WN SKT

Example with the use of pulley

obsadka 1

Example with the use of motor

obsadka 2

1. End cap for shutter box SKT PB/230/170, PB/230/210, PB/255/240

2. Division wall for shutter box SKT SP/230/170, SP/230/210, SP/255/240

3. Entry guide SLMI, SLMA

4. Double guide channel with seal

4.1. Double guide channel with seal PPD60/12, PPD60/17, PPDA60/12, PPDA60/17

4.2. Double guide channel with seal - division PPD-P60/12, PPD-P60/17, PPDA-P60/12,PPDA-P60/17

5. Octagonal reel SW4005, SW4006

5.1. Reel from the motor side

LENGTH REEL 1 = B1 – 60 mm

5.2. Reel from the cap side

LENGTH REEL 2 = B2 – 90 mm

obsadka 3 cen

6. Cap Ø40 common drive OBS40WNSKT

6.1. Cap coupling

6.2. Clamping bushing

6.3. Bearing

6.4. Square pivot

7. Cap OBSC40KN

8. Bearing LO28

9. Pulley KN

10. Adaptor for motor WSU

11. Motor bracket

12. Motor

Note : Cap OBS 40 WN SKT can also be used with roller shutters with Moskito system.


Installation of cap OBS 40 WN SKT

Make a hole with a diameter of Ø 15mm [1] in the axis of the division wall. Place the bearings (6.3), which are included in the set with the cap OBS 40 WN SKT, in a dedicated spot in the division wall [2].

obsadka 4

Fix the round reel with the motor and cap coupling (6.1) and clamping bushing (6.2) to the shutter box [3], and then place the pivot (6.4) [4] through the division wall.

obsadka 5

Slide out the pivot (6.4) to the length suitable for installation of the second round reel [5]. Once it is inserted, set the pivot symmetrically with respect to the division wall [6].

obsadka 6

Slide the reel with the cap coupling (6.1) to the bearing in the division wall [7], and then tighten the bushings (6.2) with set screw and the round reel to the cap coupling [8].

obsadka 7

Note : In order to ensure correct operation of the roller shutter with a common drive using cap OBS 40 WN SKT, ensure that the cap couplings on both sides are moved against the bearings in the division wall.