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Garage doors

There are many types of garage doors just to mention roll-up, segment or up-and-over doors. The right choice depends mainly on our requirements related to the product. If we want it to be motorised and occupy minimum space, we should choose a roll-up garage doors.

Thanks to its versatility, roll-up gate door can be installed both in existing buildings and in under-construction ones. Its particular advantage is that it saves space because the gate is vertically-openable. This will be appreciated especially by those who does not have a large driveway or who park their car directly on the street. Raised door curtain does not limit the visibility, which greatly affects the safety of the driver.

Aluprof SA offers motorised garage gates. This type of door is not only convenient to use, but also safe. The use of electric drive allows to use the remote control mechanism. Radio control allows you to open and close the door using a remote control, without having to get out of the car. This will be particularly appreciated in the evening, in the rain or in winter. The door is also equipped with a fall protection device. In addition, a number of safeguards can be used, such as photocell or closing edge safety device.

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