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Saving energy


So far, roller shutters have often been considered as a luxurious and decorative element, yet lacking essential functions. Roller shutters significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, while in summer they protect effectively the interior from overheating, reducing the consumption of additional cooling equipment. External rollers are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters, because due to their design, between the surface of the window and the curtain there is a sort of airbag which is an excellent insulator. Even at high temperatures outside, we will experience a pleasant coolness at home. If we leave the shutters closed for a hot day, in the evening we can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing coolness and shadow.


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Did you know...

In winter, windows and doors contribute to the loss of up to 25% of heat and in summer, they absorb up to 60% of the sunlight? To save energy in winter and avoid excessive heating up in summer, use Aluprof's external roller shutters. 


Aluprof's external roller shutters help to reduce yearly energy costs up to 30%.