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How to the SKT OPOTERM access cover?

When opening the cover in the SKT OPOTERM system from the bottom, we must use a device dedicated to it. This tool is specially designed to open the inspection cover for each box size and is designed especially for the revision from the bottom of the box.

Opoterm 1

To open the shutter box properly, we must slip the device into the slot between the lid and the side cap in such a way that the part without selection will be directed towards the window.

Opoterm 2

Thus, the edge of the tool will be placed at the height of the special lid’s slot, which helps ease it’s opening.

Then, while tilting back the device, pry up the lid to open it. This action should be repeated on the whole length of the shutter box as often as necessary.

Opoterm 3

In a situation where we have the lid at the front of the shutter box, to open it we can use any flat device, whose element fixed in the shutter box is longer than 12 mm.

Opoterm 4

The lid does not need any special techniques. Simply slide the tool in the slot, and then tilt the side cover.